The best CBD oil for pain relief

CBD oil is a great alternative to more dangerous pain medications. Many people manage to quit opiates and other addictive drugs by switching to safe but still effective CBD.

I have been using CBD to treat back pain and headaches for years, and I have tried many products. The quality of the oil makes a difference. Lower quality oil is unhealthy as it is manufactured poorly and contains chemicals.

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What makes a good CBD oil?

Any oil that is safe to use will prove it with lab tests from another company’s labs. Companies always point out that their products pass third-party lab tests. Don’t trust a company that doesn’t get their products tested.

It also must be free of THC because anything over 0.3% THC is illegal in the United States. You should also try to get the best cbd oil for pain that contains flavonoids and not merely CBD. Flavonoids are part of what makes CBD oil work so well, and good oil often includes vitamins and minerals naturally found in the plant.

Depending on how severe your pain is and how much CBD affects you, you might need very potent oil for it to work. Some companies offer much more potent oil than others.

Don’t trust oil from an unknown company with no money-back guarantee. Buy from companies that offer clean, lab-tested oil with the right ingredients.

Fab CBD Oil

Fab offers some of the cleanest CBD you can find anywhere. All of it is made out of non-GMO hemp and grown without pesticides. According to lab tests, it is very clean stuff, and it contains no animal ingredients.

Their CBD is also full-spectrum, meaning that it contains and flavonoids and terpenes. It uses healthy coconut oil as a base, and all of its flavors are natural and organic. Their website is also easy to use, and they will answer your questions if you call or e-mail them.

CBD Distillery

CBD Distillery offers a huge variety of flavors and potencies. You can get CBD oil with a potency of up to 5000mg, well above what most other companies offer. If you need a well-known company that sells unusually potent CBD extract, try CBD Distillery.

Everything is lab-tested to ensure that it is safe and under the legal THC limit. The hemp the company uses is certified by the hemp authority as natural and not genetically modified. The prices are also reasonably low, although this is not the cheapest CBD you can find.

Nuleaf Naturals

This is my favorite CBD company. Their oil works better for pain than anything else I have tried. It is very high in terpenes, which are also great for pain relief.

Nuleaf Naturals uses the CO2 extraction method to make their products. The CO2 extraction method produces oil that is high in essential oils, CBD, and especially terpenes, which activate parts of the brain associated with pain relief.

While the potency is not quite as high as the strongest stuff that CBD Distillery offers, Nuleaf Naturals still offers the most effective product. They are the first company you should try if you are looking for effective pain relief. Their products vary a lot in potency, and many people find even the milder stuff effective.